Value of Laughter Yoga as an Exercise

To remain healthy, one should have a regular exercise routine besides dietary control, but in this high pressure, high tension world it is a big challenge to stick to either of them.
Lack of time is a major issue when it comes to exercising and also because most exercises are a lot of hard work, and tend to get boring and monotonous. As a result, people abandon the exercise programs. But, Laughter Yoga offers a powerful exercise program with a difference. It is less time-consuming, cost-effective, scientifically proven and is a lot of fun, thereby making it easy for anyone.
It is ideally suited for seniors, as it is a physical phenomenon and does not require cognitive humor. They find it very simple to do Laughter Exercises, as it is not strenuous and can be done in spite of age-related problems like weak joints and muscles etc. It is also very effective for business people, children, physically disabled and bedridden, all of whom have some constraints in following traditional exercise routines.

Laughter Yoga is different from other forms of exercise in these important ways
Fun Exercise: Most business people are busy and have little time to exercise. Moreover, exercise programs are strenuous and can get boring. Laughter Yoga is fun and easy – no postures or skills to learn, no special clothes or equipment required. Since it is done in a group, it is easy to learn. Anyone can do it and become an expert from the first session.
Powerful Cardio Workout: It provides a fast and powerful no-sweat cardiovascular workout. According to Dr. William Fry, 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine. This means you can get the same benefits of cardio workout in 10 minutes what you get by jogging for 30 minutes.
Reduces Stress levels quickly: In the year 2006 the research study among IT professionals in Bangalore India showed decrease in Stress hormones in saliva by practicing Laughter Yoga exercises. Blood pressure and pulse rate drops and circulation improves.
Improves Oxygen supply: Laughter Yoga Exercises flush stale air from the lungs. It helps to fill the system with oxygen which makes us healthy and energetic.
Changes Mood: Laughter Yoga can change your mood within minutes by releasing Endorphins that act as mood enhancers and natural pain killers It lifts depression – even chronic depression may cured.
Improves Efficiency and Peaks Performance: Laughter Yoga study showed that laughter significantly improves work effectiveness and functionality of the staff. Another study conducted in the US also corroborates the efficacy of laughter. Both studies used unconditional laughter generated by Dr. Kataria’s techniques in Group Laughter sessions.
With these findings the business world stands to gain tremendously as work, and productivity can be enhanced to the maximum. Laughter sessions can have a profound impact on business performance, even making companies more profitable. Companies in different countries have reported a happier workplace, increased motivation, better communication, and increase in sales and creativity and better teamwork. It is the ultimate answer to business woes besides being the best exercise program to include in ones daily life for personal, social and health benefits.

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