Anxiety Relief

I help people experience happiness, health and peace. Anxiety, stress and depression are relieved. You can experience relaxation and joy everyday. I guarantee you will have stress relief during my coaching program or I’ll refund every cent you have invested. You just need to be open to laugh. And the 8-week session is easy. We’ll laugh, deep breath, play, dance, sing and more. You will learn to laugh at things that before caused you anxiety. You will learn new peaceful habits. We’ll do lots of laughing together. You will learn to laugh at your problems and laugh at small things. It is fun. Meditation will be included too. We will focus on being present. You will learn to accept what is. Getting out of your mind and out of your thoughts will be a key. Secrets will be revealed. And a program will be customized to your needs. This is beyond stress management. We’ll help you reduce stress. We will relieve your pressure by enjoying nature. Breathing will be a focus as we do breathing exercises and a breathing meditation. You can have moments everyday where you feel calm and at ease. You will feel more alive. You will also be energized by the laughter and breathing exercises. Your pain will be reduced.  The laughter will release happy hormones and happy chemicals into your body.  Endorphins will be activated.  I enjoy peace and relaxation everyday. You will learn to create laughter, joy, peace and relaxation for yourself everyday.  We would meet once per week at your home, at another location or at your computer/smart phone by doing video calling using Skype or Facebook. I can help you set that up. We would laugh the other 6 days per week on the phone.  8 weeks of support for you.  I have helped hundreds of people lessen anxiety. I am an Anxiety Relief Expert. No drugs are used. Ideas from Eckhart Tolle are used. Free consultation. Call 520-363-1603 now to relieve anxiety and have more laughter, joy, peace and relaxation guaranteed!  Check out the testimonials on this page.  You can also check out my Laughter Coaching page.

Anxiety Relief for Katie after session with Jim

Pressure Lifted for Candi after session with Jim

Tension Release for Bob after session with Jim

Stress Relief for Sara after session with Jim