I help people experience happiness, health and peace. People breakthrough depression, anxiety, stress and boredom. Laughter coaching is a program where you can find and discover your inner peace and joy on a daily basis.  I will share secrets of happiness. Your health is improved and you’ll feel relaxed. You will have more energy. Pain is also reduced. Your endorphins are activated and you’ll feel great. You will be more self-expressed. Laughter coaching could also be called laughter therapy. The program is fun and easy for you. I can help people worldwide using video calling.  Free consultation.  We meet once per week for eight weeks and laugh on the phone 6 days per week.  The meetings are about one hour-long and the calls are 5-10 minutes long.  We can meet at your home, we can meet at another location or we can do video calling using Skype or Facebook.  It is fun to laugh together.  We are doing laughter yoga and more. I invite you to increase your happiness and enjoy your life by doing my laughter coaching. You’ll learn to laugh at your problems. You’ll feel better quickly. You enjoy the benefits of being present. You can have a sounding board. I am a Happiness and Depression Relief Expert. I’m not teaching you theory or stuff I have only read about. These are ideas that help me.  I live in Tucson.  Please contact me if you need help with doing video calling. Ideas from Eckhart Tolle are used. I guarantee you will experience laughter, joy, peace and relaxation or I’ll refund every cent you have invested. Call 520-363-1603 now to increase your happiness and peace!

Who can Laughter Coaching (Laughter Yoga) help?

  • Anyone who wants to add more laughter and joy to their life
  • Those suffering from stress and depression
  • Introverted and serious people
  • People with chronic diseases and cancer
  • Older people who laugh very little
  • Those who have no access to laughter clubs
  • Those having trouble with relationships
  • Disabled and bedridden people
  • Those who often get angry and are unable to deal with angry people
  • Those who are emotionally sentimental and get hurt easily
  • People who are isolated and want to have more friends

What are the benefits you can experience by doing one on one Laughter Coaching?

  • Relaxation and calmness
  • Add more laughter to your life
  • Use humor more often
  • More smiling, cheerfulness and joy
  • It helps to change your mood
  • Brain starts secreting chemicals; you feel good
  • Will improve your personal power of communication with others
  • Self-confidence will improve
  • You start laughing at small things
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Less coughs, colds and sore throats
  • Less stress
  • If you get sick, you will heal faster
  • Will help depression, one student went off an anti-depressant
  • Socially, laughter connects you with people
  • You’ll have more friends
  • You will learn to laugh when there is nothing to laugh about
  • Keeps your spirits up
  • Energizing
  • Discharges emotional tension
  • Blood pressure can be reduced

What is the difference between Laughter Yoga coaching and teaching?

While teaching is imparting knowledge and skills, Laughter Yoga coaching is a commitment and partnership between the coach and the student where the coach helps, motivates and inspires his student to implement the knowledge and skills in a personalized environment.

Here is a brief description of the 8 sessions

Introduction, history, concept and philosophy behind Laughter Yoga
You will learn about the whole concept of Laughter Yoga, how it evolved and the scientific research rationale and health benefits of laughing without a reason. Jim will evaluate your Laughter Quotient, which measures a person’s ability to laugh, personality type, level of playfulness, sense of humor, ability to express emotions, ability to cope with challenges, communication skills and more. This explanatory session is followed by warming up exercises to loosen the inhibitions and shyness.

Fake it until you make it
In this lesson Jim will explain the scientific fact that even if one pretends to laugh, the body does not know the difference-one gets the same health benefits whether laughter is real or fake. I will teach you a series of fake laughter exercises and voice reinforcement techniques that eventually lead to spontaneous laughter.

Motion creates emotion
You will learn how to laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing with the help of a scientific theory of motion creates emotion. I will describe the 2 way link between the body and mind and how one can change their state of mind by changing body behavior and vice versa. This is followed by laughter and breathing exercises which help to move the body and change the mental state.

Difference between happiness and joy
You will understand the difference between happiness and joy. I will explain that while happiness is a conditional response depending upon many reasons of life, joy is an unconditional commitment to have fun from within. Joy can be induced by simple body behavior like singing, dancing, playing and laughing. You will learn different techniques and laughter exercises which help activate joy. This session is particularly fun

You can train your body and mind to laugh
You will learn what neuro linguistic programming is as I explain how you can train your body and mind to laugh and create a joyful state by simply repeating a particular set of body behaviors like playing and laughing.

Connection between breathing and laughter
Learn how laughter and breathing exercises from yoga help to bring more oxygen to your body and brain. I will demonstrate 5 basic breathing exercises from Yoga. Kalabati, Alternate Cross, Humming, Synchronized and Mindful breathing will be taught. This session is particularly relaxing.

Bringing Laughter Yoga into real life
Learn how the wisdom of Laughter Yoga exercises can be applied in real life situations to bring about transformation and help cope with the challenges of life and laugh in the face of the free floating hostilities of daily life

Evaluation and commitment
At the end of the one on one coaching I will evaluate your knowledge in the skills you have acquired during the eight weeks of training. I will motivate and inspire you to continue the Laughter Yoga practice every day and assure you of my support to bring more laughter and joy into your life.

I guarantee that you will experience laughter, peace, relaxation and joy I’ll refund every cent you have invested! I also guarantee that your stress, anxiety, tension and depression will be lessened or your service is free. You just need to be open to laugh.

Call now while the fee is still a bargain for depression, tension, anxiety and stress relief. Feel peace and joy everyday!

Contact me for a free consultation. Call me at 520-363-1603 and leave a message for individuals.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

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