Here is an interesting report by certified Laughter Yoga leader Jim Twomey who regularly conducts One-On-One Laughter Yoga coaching, and helps to bring more laughter and joy into his students’ lives.

I had 4 one-on-one Laughter Yoga coaching students. All students completed the program and all benefitted. These were my first 4 students and I did not charge them.

We met each week for 8 weeks and did Dr. Kataria’s One-On-One Coaching program. Some sessions lasted 20 minutes and some for 2 hours. I went to each person’s home. We laughed on the phone Monday through Friday on days we did not meet in person and sometimes laughed also on weekends.

Read the evaluation of the students on the Laughter Quotient Form which was given at the beginning and the end to help you understand the changes after the sessions:

Student 1: She started with a score of 62 and at the end of 8 sessions her test score was a 74. She had improvement in laughing, using humor, positive thinking, peace and calm, excitement and passion, well-being, communication, kindness and silliness.

Student 2: She was on anti-depressants and began with a score of 63 on the test. After 9 sessions, during which we laughed and did deep breathing on most days, she finished with a score of 76. She went off anti-depressants during our time together, and had improvement in laughing, humor, physical playfulness and playful mental attitude, singing, dancing, positive thinking, well-being and friends. She even became better in her passions and communicating with strangers. She became more positive during challenging times and found it easy to laugh for no reason. She told me she was calmer and more relaxed. Her relationship with her daughter also improved.

Student 3: He scored an initial 60 and after 8 sessions his score was 67. He also improved in laughing, having fun, humor, excitement and passion, well-being, energy and staying positive during challenging times. He was worse with positive thinking and peace and calm. His sleep improved and he felt light and less serious when being with people. His breathing was better.

Student 4: She was a very happy person to begin with and scored 96 out of 100. She was fun to play with. A friend of hers joined us for one of the sessions, and it went very well. We did the 8 lessons at the end of which she scored 100 out of 100 on the test! This was amazing. She had improvement in expression, peace and calm, well-being and communication. She told me she was calmer in her life and was also laughing with her husband, mom and kids, thus spreading laughter.

I think the habit of laughing every day for 8 weeks will really help people form that habit in their real life. I was happier doing this program as I was laughing 4 times per day 5 days per week. Getting in the 4 calls each day was at times stressful, but I found myself becoming close to everyone while doing this. I think there was room to spend more time exploring being present. Everyone liked the deep breathing lesson. Overall, it was a joy to do this program.