Laughter Quotient Quiz

The following questionnaire has been formulated according to the concept and philosophy of Laughter Yoga and it will help to determine your ability to laugh for no reason, your ability to express emotions, your communication skills and if you incorporate the 4 elements of joy like singing, dancing, playing and laughing in your life and other such parameters necessary to make life more joyful and happy. Please select the answer most appropriate for you.



Scoring section:
If your score is 80 – 100: You are a great laugher. Keep it up!!
If your score is 60 – 79: You are good at laughing, but can be better
If your score is 40 – 59: You laugh very little and need to laugh more.
If your score is under 40: You have a serious problem and need to do something to bring more
laughter in your life.

Woman Laughing

Depression Breakthrough


Senior Woman