Depression Relief

How to Quickly and Easily Breakthrough Depression (Without using Drugs)

Joy, Peace and Energy Daily for you in 8 weeks-Guaranteed!  You can feel content and satisfied.  You need to like to laugh. The depression treatment used will help you “come alive” again. You’ll be able to feel joy again. Your inner child will come out. An openness to life will emerge. I will share with you secrets of happiness. Peace and relaxation will be part of your daily life. The relationships in your life will improve and you’ll become closer to people. Gratitude will be a bigger part of your life. You won’t complain as much-what a relief to the people around you. Stress will be reduced. We laugh, deep breath, play, dance, sing and have fun together. It is easy and you will be happier. You will also have more energy from the laughing and breathing exercises.  We do it over 8 weeks. That’s right, you will break through your depression in 8 weeks! We get together once per week for about an hour. I can come to your home, we can meet somewhere or we can do a video call. If you live outside of the Tucson area, we can Facebook or Skype video call.  I can help you set up video calling if you need it.  We laugh on the phone the other 6 days per week for 5-10 minutes.  So you will have daily support for your well-being.  I have helped hundreds of people with depression and I’d love to help you. I am a Depression Relief Expert. Ideas from Eckhart Tolle are used.

The laughter helps get the happy hormones and happy chemicals going through your body. Endorphins are released. You can be more relaxed, positive and feel better. We laugh about our problems. Enjoyment of nature will be part of your healing. You become more present. You connect with your inner child. Healthy habits are developed. You are loved and nourished. You can experience peace and relaxation everyday. We’ll get you moving and in action. You can reclaim your life. The depression help will reduce your suffering.

You are supported daily for 8 weeks. You learn to laugh whenever you want. Happiness in possible! Physical and emotional health will be enjoyed. Anxiety, fear and boredom are reduced. Your emotional and physical pain will be reduced. When you laugh and deep breathe for 10-15 minutes straight, happy chemicals and hormones are released into your body. And natural pain relievers are released too. You’ll feel great. There is just no way you can feel down after laughing and deep breathing for 10-15 minutes.  When challenges come up in your life, you will be able to laugh and still deal with them.  You’ll have breakthroughs in your life. You can create new friends. Self-expression will emerge. Fear and insecurity will be reduced. And you won’t be drugged or given something toxic.  What we do together will actually be healthy for you!   You will learn to create laughter, joy, peace and relaxation for yourself everyday.  Over a longer term than 8 weeks, I may be able to help you go off anti-depressant drugs.  You may not need them any more.  You can improve your life.

I have a Depression Breakthrough Meetup Group.  A testimonial is on this page from Joe.

I guarantee you will experience laughter, joy, peace and relaxation or I’ll refund every cent you have invested. You can do it.  You just need to show up and like to laugh. Call me at 520-363-1603 and let’s breakthrough your depression right away! You will get a free consultation. Please check out some testimonials on this page. I live in Tucson, Arizona. You can also check my Laughter Coaching page. Let’s have some fun together!  Thanks.

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