Better Breathing

I help people improve their breathing and have more energy.  Individuals and groups are served.  People with pulmonary diseases are helped.  Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are included.  I serve people with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma.  People experience more energy.  We have fun together.  You’ll be more productive.  Everyone feels relaxed and calm.  The laughter creates joy.  You’ll feel happier.  Peace is natural as you feel relaxed.  Fear is reduced as you get more oxygen.  Your life becomes easier:) You can be more comfortable as it is easier to breathe.  Your chest will be more relaxed.  You will be more self-expressed when you improve your breathing.  You can get back your power.  Anxiety is relieved.  I am also an expert at helping people breakthrough depression.  Your immune system is boosted.  Laughter reduces inflammation.  We get stale air out of your lungs so you can breathe in more oxygen.  You will feel better after the first session!

Joy, Peace and Energy for you Daily in 8 weeks-Guaranteed!

Daily support can be provided for people.  We can do phone sessions.  Video calling is available: Skype, Facebook and smart phone.  I can also come to your home in Southern Arizona.

How does this all happen?  We do breathing exercises.  We laugh a lot.  We do 5 yoga breathing exercises.  There is a breathing meditation.  And we do a powerful healing energy meditation.  And more!

Group sessions are available.

You can learn healthy habits and have fun in the process.

No drugs or toxins are used, of course.  Everything we do is good and healthy for you.  The side effect is happiness:)

I can suggest foods to eat and foods and drinks to avoid to help you heal.

We have a far infrared sauna that helps people with their breathing.  People feel better physically and emotionally when they get out of the sauna.  We also have a Bemer machine that increases your circulation.  Bemer physical vascular therapy stimulates the pumping movement of the smallest blood vessels.  The Bemer is very relaxing also.  It relieves my aches and pains.

There are also 3 supplements that can help your breathing.

I guarantee that your breathing will improve and you will have more energy or I will refund every cent you have invested.

Call 520-363-1603 and leave a message.

Please check the testimonials on this page.

I have been helping people with their breathing and leading breathing sessions for 13 years.  We started the Tucson Laughter Club in 2004.  I have been helping individuals for 5 years.  It is fun and fulfilling.  I’d love to support you 🙂 .

Neck pain and stress relief

Tinnitus, low back pain and restless leg better for Joe

Low back, lower leg and feet pain relieved for Doug

Knee healed for Scott

Depression Breakthrough

Amazing Pain Relief

Anxiety and pain relief for Katie after session with Jim