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LY Pro Newsletter

If you would like to read the Laughter Yoga Pro Newsletter please follow the link. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Laughter Yoga.Continue Reading

One -On -One Laughter Coaching With First 4 Students

Here is an interesting report by certified Laughter Yoga leader Jim Twomey who regularly conducts One-On-One Laughter Yoga coaching, and helps to bring more laughter and joy into his students’ lives. I had 4 one-on-one Laughter Yoga coaching students. All students completed the program and all benefitted. These were my first 4 students and IContinue Reading

Laugh Yourself Fit and Skinny

Just when you thought you’d heard of every diet under the sun, here comes laughter yoga whose devotes claim they’re losing weight and getting happy and healthier too. Exercise has never been so much fun. You’ve probably seen or heard them on TV or in your local park, yoga studio or fitness center clapping andContinue Reading

Laugh Yourself Young Again

Laugh Yourself Young Again The latest Yoga and health craze to sweep the world holds a special promise for the aged. You’ve seen it on CNN, BBC, even in a Time magazine cover story — everyone is talking about this strange new Yoga where you roar with laughter to get healthy. Hundreds of thousands ofContinue Reading

Benefits of Laughter Yoga in the Business World

People today face tremendous stress and burnout in the workplace and even highly talented and skilled people cannot perform well if they are emotionally imbalanced and stressed. Though there are many methods being used to reduce stress, Laughter Yoga is most cost-effective, less time-consuming and is a single exercise routine which reduces physical, mental andContinue Reading

Develop Your Sense of Humor

Develop Your Sense Of Humor Through Laughter Before Laughter Yoga came into existence in 1995, humor therapy was very popular in hospitals as a tool for healing sick patients. The core philosophy of Laughter Yoga is – laugh for no reason. Many people think that we are against humor. This is not true. In thisContinue Reading

Value of Laughter Yoga as an Exercise

Value of Laughter Yoga as an Exercise To remain healthy, one should have a regular exercise routine besides dietary control, but in this high pressure, high tension world it is a big challenge to stick to either of them. Lack of time is a major issue when it comes to exercising and also because mostContinue Reading

Laughter Yoga Alleviates Depression

Depression is the number one disease today. It is a combination of symptoms that interfere with the ability to work, study, sleep, and eat. It is a disabling condition and can affect a person many times during their life. Depressed people seldom laugh, and laughing people are seldom depressed. Laughter Yoga has helped thousands toContinue Reading

Erectile Dysfunction and Laughter

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 22:49   Jagat Singh Bisht ,CLYT, India: I have been hesitating for quite a while to share what follows here because the subject remains hush-hush and taboo in the land of Kama sutra and Osho even today. We had a gentleman, on the wrong side of fifties, in our laughter sessionsContinue Reading

Laughter Yoga and Cancer

Cancer is the second most common killer after heart disease today. The number of people suffering from cancer is rising constantly. The most common cause of cancer is stress. Extreme physical, mental and emotional stress weakens our immune system. A weak immune system is a major causative factor in the development of cancer. Scientific studiesContinue Reading

Laughter Yoga with Seniors

With a distinct rise in life expectancy due to advances in medical science, the population of senior citizens is likely to triple by the year 2020. As the joint family structure crumbles and youngsters steer away from parents, the seniors, particularly in the West, find themselves alone either in aged care facilities or old-age homes.Continue Reading

Laughter Yoga for Healing

Laughter Yoga for Healing

Laughter is now being prescribed as the best medicine for wellness. Countless studies have validated the efficacy of laughter and its therapeutic power in dealing with physical, mental and emotional health. With enormous physiological and psychological benefits, it is the most powerful remedial tool that has the ability to dramatically change the perspective of life byContinue Reading

Laugh Your Way To A Healthy Heart

Laugh Your Way To A Healthy Heart

Modern day stressors, worries and lifestyle changes have increased the rate of heart diseases – a major cause of death and despair. Even as doctors and patients try to minimize the risk factors, scientific studies have proved that laughter is the simplest answer to a healthy heart. An extended hearty laughter is one of theContinue Reading

Laughter Yoga helps to Beat Stress

In the last two decades, extensive research all over the world has shown that Laughter has a positive impact on various systems of the human body. Laughter helps to unwind the harmful effects of Stress, the number one killer in the world, today. Stress causes the most number of illnesses in today’s world – HeartContinue Reading