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LY Pro Newsletter

If you would like to read the Laughter Yoga Pro Newsletter please follow the link. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Laughter Yoga.Continue Reading

One -On -One Laughter Coaching With First 4 Students

Here is an interesting report by certified Laughter Yoga leader Jim Twomey who regularly conducts One-On-One Laughter Yoga coaching, and helps to bring more laughter and joy into his students’ lives. I had 4 one-on-one Laughter Yoga coaching students. All students completed the program and all benefitted. These were my first 4 students and IContinue Reading

Develop Your Sense of Humor

Develop Your Sense Of Humor Through Laughter Before Laughter Yoga came into existence in 1995, humor therapy was very popular in hospitals as a tool for healing sick patients. The core philosophy of Laughter Yoga is – laugh for no reason. Many people think that we are against humor. This is not true. In thisContinue Reading

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