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My name is Jim P. Twomey and I am the creator of Peace for You.  I am a native Tucsonan.  My Mom was an investor.  I went to the University of Arizona and graduated with a business degree with a major in finance.  So I invested in all kinds of things and lost money many different ways.  I invested in real estate, lent money and more.  I ended up investing in the stock market. We created the Tucson Laughter Club in 2004.  That club was about happiness and peace for people.  We used Laughter Yoga in our club.  We were blessed with a wonderful son in 2008.

That same year is when the financial panic happened.  You probably remember that.  My investments dropped dramatically.  I was also bored with investing.  Studying accounting everyday was dull.  I had no direction for a career or business.  I was lazy, wandering and lost.  I did feel happy, healthy and peaceful.  So, there were conflicts between being happy and not having a direction.  And I also loved people.  I wanted to make a difference for people’s lives.  I just didn’t know how.  I was committed to happiness.  I wanted to support others in enjoying their life and wanted to generate an income. So I struggled for years with how to help others and pay the bills.  I knew I had to create something special for people.

I re-learned that laughter has enormous benefits for people.  So I learned again to lead people in laughter sessions.  I was trained and practiced.  Now, I have fun doing it and feel fulfilled.  It’s an enjoyable adventure.  And I learned that when people laugh and deep breathe continuously for 10-15 minutes; that happy chemicals and happy hormones run through their body.  Endorphins are activated.  They experience happiness, peace and relaxation.  I found a program to help people breakthrough depression, anxiety and stress.  Pain is relieved.  And I use many things that have helped me in my life to support others in creating the life they desire.  I have learned many different ways to help people.  I am passionate about empowering others and play full-out for them. I have also learned how to help people lose weight and feel great.

I am totally committed to people experiencing transformation.  The greatest thing I can do on this planet is to coach and enable people to create breakthroughs in their life.  Their success is supported.  People get in touch with their real self and they come alive.  It is fun, quick and easy for people.  Everything is natural and no drugs are used.  People are nurtured and loved.  They feel contentment, happiness and peace.  An overall sense of well-being is experienced.  Energy is restored and calmness is felt.  And I help individuals create a wonderful life for themselves

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

My son Patrick being joyful!

Character reference by Scott on Jim Twomey

Depression Breakthrough

Jim Twomey

Pain relief, relaxation and good dancing Judy says of Jim