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Joy, Peace and Energy Daily for you in 8 Weeks-Guaranteed! I help people have major breakthroughs in relieving depression and anxiety. And I have a program to boost your happiness. Everything we do is healthy. No drugs are used. Programs are customized to fit your needs and wants. You are coached to create healthy habits for yourself that you can use the rest of your life.

I help people breakthrough depression in 8 weeks. You need to be open to laughing, as we will be doing lots of this. You will feel contentment. Results guaranteed or I’ll refund every cent you have invested. I can help people in Tucson or by video calling. Please see the depression relief page on this website.

Anxiety relief is a specialty too. You can learn to relax on a daily basis. We’ll also use laughter to do this. I can show you how to feel some calmness in 60 seconds. I’ll coach you every day over 8 weeks to have a major breakthrough in anxiety. You can feel contentment and maybe be happy. Results guaranteed or all your money back. I can help people in Tucson or by video calling. Please see the anxiety page on this website.

Happiness is boosted. We would laugh every day for 8 weeks. We sing, dance, play and have fun. You’ll learn to find and discover your inner joy in 60 seconds. Results guaranteed or your money back. We can meet in Tucson or do video calling. Please check my Happiness page on this website.

My name is Jim Twomey. Call 520-240-2188 and leave your name and number if I don’t answer. I’ll call you back. Thanks!

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